Population profile   

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Population size


Group Country Region

Y chromosome and mtDNA haplogroup   

Summary: Major mtDNA and Y haplotype categories consist the target population are shown in pie chart. Haplotype categories represented by different colors are indicated above.

Genetic affinity   

Summary: Genetic affinities of target population in the context of worldwide populations are measured by pairwise FST between target population and references. Smaller FST value indicates closer relationship. Regions represented by different colors are indicated above. 's closest affinity is to popA (FST = valA) and the second closest is to popB (FST = valB).

Population structure   

Populaion substructure.

Summary: Genetic location of target population under global context and regional context is shown by PCA plot. Substructure of the target population (if exists) is revealed by PCA plot. Regions represented by different colors are indicated above each plot.


Summary: Admixture pattern of target population is revealed by ADMIXTURE analysis with references chosen according to publications. Length of each colored bar represents the admixture proportion of representative ancestry in the individual. Choosing “which K” to show admixture pattern of target population under K ancestries.

Run of Homozygosity   

Summary: Identity by descent of the target population in global context is indicated by number of Runs of Homozygosity (ROH). Higher number of ROH indicates a higher level of identity by descent. Choose “ROH length” to show patterns of different time scales.

Natural selection   

Summary: Nature selection signals of the target population are indicated by iHS value according to the specific region user input. X axis indicates physical position of specific region. Y axis indicates the iHS value of each variant, with different colors indicate different iHS levels. Grey dash line indicates the location of “iHS value = 2”. Recombination rate across the region is indicated by blue line. Function annotation of the input region is shown below the plot.


Author Title Journal Year PMID

Summary: Reference(s) for samples enrolled in this analysis.